Squirt your toothpaste with our fun & easy Flipper Whale. Just slip on your toothpaste (fit most tubes) inside the silicone grip and you're ready to go! Reduce wasteful mess with small opening and squeeze out until the last drop using the squeezer.

Build up good oral care habits in a FUN way with Flipper Whale. 🐳

Product Display: Flipper Whale Toothpaste Squirter & Squeezer 
Squeezer: Suitable for Cosmetic / Facial Cleanser / Toothpaste
Product Material: ABS / K-Resin / Silicone


- Build up good oral care habits in a fun way 
- Reduce wasteful toothpaste mess with small opening.
- Fit most toothpaste tubes
- Make your bathroom cleaner and organised

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